An Indian Autumn


“I have spread my heart in the sky and found your touch in my dreams.

Take away that veil from your face, let me see your eyes.

There rings your welcome at the doors of the forest fairies;

your anklet bells sound

in all my thoughts

filling my work with music.”

~ Song of the Autumn by Rabindranath Tagore (Play: Autumn Festival)


Diwali Decorations – Part 1


It was after 2011 that I could celebrate Diwali (a festival of lights) at my home with my parents. Ah, a long wait! You can click here to see my 2011 Diwali photos.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from 2014 Diwali:

Even the Sun couldn’t resist itself from doing its own magic!



Click on the photos for an enlarged and better view.

Fluvial Twists and Turns




 Rivers hardly ever run in a straight line.
Rivers are willing to take ten thousand meanders
and enjoy every one
and grow from every one.
When they leave a meander,
they are always more
than when they entered it.
When rivers meet an obstacle,
they do not try to run over it.
They merely go around
but they always get to the other side.
Rivers accept things as they are,
conform to the shape they find the world in,
yet nothing changes things more than rivers.
Rivers move even mountains into the sea.
Rivers hardly ever are in a hurry
yet is there anything more likely
to reach the point it sets out for
than a river?

(James Dillet Freeman, Rivers)


River: Beas river in Himachal Pradesh