Changing Perspective

“Those who see the cosmic perspective as a depressing outlook, they really need to reassess how they think about the world. Because when I look up in the universe, I know I’m small but I’m also big. I’m big because I’m connected to the universe, and the universe is connected to me.”
~Neil deGrasse Tyson

DSC05368Changing perspective (or focus)…

DSC05367These pictures were taken on March 3rd, 2012. It’s sometimes good to look back into your old collection and find something you forgot or couldn’t share then. :)

I hope February is going lovely for you! ;)

An Indian Autumn


“I have spread my heart in the sky and found your touch in my dreams.

Take away that veil from your face, let me see your eyes.

There rings your welcome at the doors of the forest fairies;

your anklet bells sound

in all my thoughts

filling my work with music.”

~ Song of the Autumn by Rabindranath Tagore (Play: Autumn Festival)


Diwali Decorations – Part 1


It was after 2011 that I could celebrate Diwali (a festival of lights) at my home with my parents. Ah, a long wait! You can click here to see my 2011 Diwali photos.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from 2014 Diwali:

Even the Sun couldn’t resist itself from doing its own magic!



Click on the photos for an enlarged and better view.