Update to the Post “Nahi Re Nahi”

Since the lyrics of the song “Nahi re Nahi” are significant, I have translated them into English. It was tough to do so, as I couldn’t find appropriate words to reflect the exact meaning of the song. But I’ve tried my best. Please check out! The translated text is in the post titled Nahi Re Nahi .


For two lines I couldn’t do the translation. If anybody can help out with that, suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Update to the Post “Nahi Re Nahi”

  1. HI Nandini, I think you did a great job on the translation. This song is from coke studio, and I wanted to explain the lyrics to my kids whose urdu is weak.
    As for the following lines…
    “β€œKadi Aa Tu Dil De Andar
    Mein Tera Mast Kalandar”…”
    these are punjabi, not urdu/hindi, and what they mean:
    Tu is “you” but meaning God
    [Implied that one is saying this to Allah (God)Almighty]…
    ” (sometime) Enter my heart (dil),
    I am your mast kalandar…”
    MAST KALANDAR is hard to translate, but MAST means someone who is in rapture, while qalander is also an english word meaning men who were dervishes devoted to God during medieval times. So in essence, a mast kalander is someone who is so engrossed and devoted to his love for God that they are in euphoria or ecstacy.πŸ™‚

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