Caught Them! Finally.

Birds, as per my experience, are always difficult to capture on a camera until and unless you are into the profession of photography because then you can give all of your time to it, waiting for the right moment. But that’s not the case with me… I’m not a photographer, at least not by profession.

Some time back, I tried for days.. to catch a flock of birds on my mobile camera (Yes, it was real good back then, a Cybershot!). But, sadly never succeeded. Either they all would scatter around before I could even hit the click button on my mobile camera or the show will be over in seconds before me realizing “Oh, I had to click that!”. And what would I be left with? Just a picture in my mind. Not bad though, but that’s not the idea.

So one day when I and my sister were out enjoying the weather noticed the birds flying, sitting, flying. She then, better than me for sure, captured them very nicely. Really fast and in a great way!🙂

Aaah!…caught them finally! Thanks to my sissy… Mehak.🙂 Miss you.