Spectacular Moon and Venus

The shine on the moon, silent cloud blanket lit from beneath, snow covered mountains… and rising Sun…and bright Venus welcoming it. Ah, no words..🙂

Click on this link for the full size.

Source: NASA, Photo Credit: David Kaplan.

8 thoughts on “Spectacular Moon and Venus

  1. wonderful piece of work………!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truely admirable ma’m!!!!! It is a Fact that without the power of imagination, nothing would be possible to invent or discover… Some day, some day mankind will be wittnessing such kind of sunrise with naked eys for sure….. great job!!!!!!!

    • It is a real piece of work Sir. This location is in Switzerland. And NOT my work. And the person who has captured this picture surely saw this amazing view with his own eyes. I’m just sharing his picture that’s all.

      • Is it so?!!!!!!!!!! Then i must say it is a wonderful scenario…… So heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like real heaven!!! to me! an amazing piece of works hats of to that NASA guy…. & to you also for posting….. anymore of those?!!!!!!!!

        • I have given all the links! Are you just watching the picture? I have written some stuff along with it.🙂 You can check that.

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