Earth Hour 2011

Every year, the world comes together on one night to switch off lights for Earth Hour to take a stand against climate change. And I have been doing this since 2009. So this year it’s going to be for the third time. And honestly I have noticed the increase in the level of awareness among people about this, at least around me.

Today, I got an email from the Earth Hour India Team about this year’s Earth Hour. So I thought – why not to share it!

So do come and join in.

This year, take Earth Hour 2011 beyond the hour. At 8:30 PM on 26 March 2011, switch off, PLUS commit to a personal action to benefit the environment.

I know you’ll have a lot many excuses in your mind, if not now, then definitely on the 26th. Whatsoever, please for just an hour keep them aside. I assure you that you will definitely feel great after this little contribution you would have made. I have.

Come Together! For our home! For our Earth!


15 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. This year also I’ll contribute my share…. But I think this is way too early in posting here…

    But still…. I will also do my contribution and post it on my blog.

    M@hesh (N@pst3r)

    • People will keep in their mind if they want to.🙂

      And “sharing” is not going to stop here. Several other ways to spread the awareness. Also, a reminder will come.

      Thanks for your contribution. I really appreciate it.

  2. This will be the time when candlelight dinner and or maybe just a laidback chat will add a lot more to just saving our enviroment. It will let you bond and relax. So for nature and for yourself, switch off your lights and enjoy.

    • You are so right.🙂 Well for me it was like this for last two times. (Not a date though)… But yes I was out enjoying in the moonlight; singing with friends or just roaming around.🙂

  3. You can watch the sky with zillions of Twinkling star also…… and can find a lots of starlinks… even in big city like delhi or even in new york also…

    • I’m sorry for replying so late. But I’m so glad you found out that I’ve shared it..

      Yeah sure I can do that. I would love to. But it would be more nice if you could elaborate it more.


  4. I have started campaign on Facebook. I have sent messages to all my friends. Hope this will be a largest environmental event.

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