Cricket Craziness

I was going through news [Google], and read about the upcoming match between India and England. The article had this picture which caught my attention. Awesome capture. They both seem to be crazy Cricket fans, surely more me. Rest the picture says it all. But it surely doesn’t say anything about the match scenario.

The match is scheduled to be played on 27th February. The chances are more that I might get to watch it LIVE, since I would be at home by then. Looking forward to it. It’s been a long time I have actually watched a match on TV. Looking forward to it…😀

I’m not crazy about cricket but if I happen to know that there is a match going on, I certainly follow the score and keep myself updated on it, and I surely shout and cheer at the end if India wins. And why shouldn’t I? :D

World Cup Season is On! [And hope India wins the cup!]😉

8 thoughts on “Cricket Craziness

  1. Nans, this is one game where my likes and dislikes changes. It is a long game and it is when the game have reached an exciting point that I love to watch it.
    Cheers for India.
    P.S. Remember the last time India won a match and we received a tremor.

    • Yup, I remember it very well. 1.56am. Huh, that was real shaky. Thank God, I wasn’t that alone. Esp., thanks to you😀

  2. The game is in the vain of our country… we are some crazy fans of our team, all the cricket world already known to it… just in love with that spirit.. thanks for sharing ma’m

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