Let Down by Radiohead.

I first time listened to this song around three years back [I know very late] and it has been a part of my playlist ever since. Superb lyrics. Great music. Great effects. A perfect and magical composition. God knows the number of times I have listened to it, but from all those moments till today, I honestly cannot recall one instance of finding it anything other than utterly gorgeous.🙂

Give it a try (preferably use ear/head phones).

My favorite lines:

The emptiest of feelings, disappointed people clinging onto bottles
And when it comes, it’s so, so disappointing

Don’t get sentimental, it always ends up drivel
One day I’m going to grow wings
A chemical reaction, hysterical and useless


P.S. Thanks to my friend Sukhbir Singh for introducing me to Radiohead and most importantly, to this very song of theirs.

6 thoughts on “Let Down by Radiohead.

    • Yup it is fantastic! You’re welcome. And I’m glad that you’re a fan of it too.

      “b-day+1” is nice😀

      Have a nice time!

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