Why Kashmir Tops the List of My Favorite Places in India

It was back in 1994 when I first time went to Kashmir. I was just 6 years old. It was the first long trip of my life. Aah Kashmir. The name itself gives me lots of smiles.

My Dad was posted in Uri (J&K) which was quite near to LOC and very much prone to militancy. That’s why my rest of the family including me were staying at my Grandma’s home in Palampur for those four long years while my Dad was there. So in July 1994, when I got my monsoon vacations, Dad took us to Uri for two whole months. That was also the first time I traveled by an airplane! Being a child it really was an amazing and huge experience for me (flying in the clouds!). Though it was hardly a twenty-minutes flight, I felt like it continued for an hour.😀

Kashmir (Srinagar- summer capital of J&K) has magnificent and BEAUTIFUL mountainous landscapes. [I’m going to repeat this several times in my post]. I don’t remember everything from that trip but I surely have in my mind the images from every place we visited there. Some incidents, some talks, all hazy memories now. What I remember the most is the part when we went to the Dal Lake. What an amazing “shikara” ride. Kashmiris selling colorful flowers (esp Lotuses and roses) on their shikara itself, water glimmering in the sunlight… I remember my Dad bought one rose for my mom. There was a house boat which was more of a shopping place selling Kashmiri dresses and Saris. I remember jumping from my shikara to that house boat fearing that I might fall into the deep lake water. I really want to feel and experience that all over again.

There are many places to visit in as well as on the outskirts of Srinagar. There are lot many beautifully maintained gardens. I remembered us going to a Garden named Nishaat Bagh.

Now, I can only see the photographs in the albums my parents made for those pictures we took there. I feel I still have lot more to explore and lot more to appreciate. And that’s why I want to go there as soon as I get a chance.

Why does Kashmir top the list? Because it is the most beautiful place and truly a nature’s heaven on the Earth. Everyone should go there once in their lifetime. I know, all the militancy, politics and wars since independence have destroyed almost half of its beauty and attraction and also I’m aware of the fact that it’s not entirely over yet. But it will definitely get better. I wish, I hope.. The people there have already seen a lot in their lifetime. The only thing they deserve now is peace, in whatever possible way, but they deserve it. If I have to tell you, Kashmiris are one of the most beautiful people in India.😉

These are some pictures I have collected over the past few years from the internet and from my lucky friends who went there. I will definitely put my own clicks once I have made a visit there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It feels such a great pleasure to even write about it. Although I couldn’t share all of my memories, but I’m hoping that I can add some fresh and wonderful memories to the old rack very soon!

39 thoughts on “Why Kashmir Tops the List of My Favorite Places in India

  1. A very unique place for sure. I hope you can get there as you wish and take lots of pictures to share with us. I have been watching the tv serie “A passage through India” by Caroline Quentin. It show some wonderful sceneries. Wish i was there sometimes.🙂

  2. Yup the heaven earth is the most beautiful place on the earth… even i ahd seen kashmir in my childhood.. and just fell in love. ….. it was!!!! awesome then!!!!!.. but some of us!!!! dont wanna a keep a beautifil thing beautifil…!!! they must vandal… I wish i could visit kashmir “the bhuswarga’!!! again… the dal lake shikaras.. sankaracharya…., the houseboats… all those awesome places still calling me…… but even the way to amarnath is not that safe nowadays…… its just …… pls keep ur self beautiful as you are.. and keep posting like this… thanks a lot ma’m

  3. It was a 25 min flight from Jammu to Sri Nagar. It all comes fresh in front on my eyes, I ( with my family) went to see your family.
    Looking forward to read your post about Chamba also.
    Hope you remember me.

    • Yes of course I remember. The part I remember is coming to your house in Mugla and moving around in your skates although I think I had more falls.

      How come you found my blog?

  4. I have to agree with you on every sentence of this post. I personally have never been to Kashmir, but it has always been on my top destinations list. I would especially like to see the Dal lake frozen in winter. I am a fan of winers, and that seems to be a great place with all the snow and the sub-zero temperatures.

    You are lucky to have visited the place. I just hope that i get a chance to do that soon too…:)

    • Winters are fun but mostly keep you trapped inside. But yeah planning can help. If it’s one of your top destinations, then most probably you will go.🙂

  5. One of the most beautiful places in the world. If there is a heaven, it is here, it is here.
    When I first saw this beauty I was awed by its landscape and riding through its curves was the most lovely experience I had. It can make even the most hardened people understand the meaning of love.
    Peace to all.

    • Lovely words. And you were more lucky since you were riding in open, looking around, and absorbing all the beauty on the way. Aah it must have been wonderful.🙂

      • It was a manyfold wonderful enriching experience. I was travelling from Leh to Delhi. Sonmarg was so beautiful except for a few toursits around thrownig thrash. Somebody teach them manners…

  6. I’m glad I found it, nandini. You were right! Our Lake Buhi looks realy similar to your Dal Lake except that I think it’s the lotus plant that’s sprouting on the first picture instead of water lilies.

    However it may be, I must say that your pictures here are way dramatic than mine – LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY. Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the globe too.

    • I’m glad you did🙂

      Yes of course the flowers differ. I have mentioned that these pictures are my collections but not clicked by me. But anyways, they are my favorite and you liked them! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your footprint.😀

      • Leaving a footprint in a beautiful place like Dal Lake is worth it. Who knows? Someday, I may leave my footprint here in fate allows me to do so — literally!

        I believe India is one of the countries with rich culture and I’m dying actually to have a taste of it. When I studied History of Asian Nations in high school, India has been one of the countries that left permanent mark on my head as far as rich culture is concerned. Another is structure. Who doesn’t know about Taj Majal and Gandhi? That’s just one of the many pieces of evidence to show how beautiful India is.

        • 🙂

          Glad to know that. There is much more to India though. You must visit someday. A little of fate and little of your own determination can definitely bring you here.🙂

    • It was not hard to figure out that.🙂

      Anyways, thanks for this little piece of conversation. Kashmir really is a paradise.

  7. Kashmir is truly a magic land in India. This destination allures the travelers with its mesmerizing snow covered mountain, lush green environment, and cool climatic condition. Here are some important places to visit in Kashmir compiled by the weekend leader.

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