A Cow and a Boy- My Sunday Picture

Almost every evening I watch this kid taking his cow back to their home in the village down the hill. He doesn’t even have to force her to walk, she just walks along with him, as if he is following the cow and not the other way around. I feel like waving and smiling to him but he never gives me a single glance or, for that matter, to any of the houses. He just walks playfully with his eyes down or facing straight, as if thinking something or just nothing. I wonder what..

Clouds. Camera. And CLICK!

It takes me more time to switch on the TV than to switch on my camera. And by the time the advertisement screen (for the set up box) preceding the actual channel screen terminates, I am done capturing one beautiful picture. So, who needs the entertainment box (unless it’s very important), when I just have to look outside the window, step outside, and find wonderful continually changing colors and a lot more!

What’s more fascinating than the clouds during monsoon season in the Himalayas? Except for when it’s raining hard and they are covering the entire sky-view, they are like cotton balls spread around. They just fly around, sometimes run, and for a change, lie still as if the mountain is like a couch for them. But are consistently shifting shapes, thanks to the air currents! And this provides me with a whole set of photographs.

And I don’t need to ask them to pose for my photographs, they do it by themselves. Clouds! Camera! Click!!

All these pictures were clicked right outside my home. Click on the thumbnails to view the full image.🙂