A Cow and a Boy- My Sunday Picture

Almost every evening I watch this kid taking his cow back to their home in the village down the hill. He doesn’t even have to force her to walk, she just walks along with him, as if he is following the cow and not the other way around. I feel like waving and smiling to him but he never gives me a single glance or, for that matter, to any of the houses. He just walks playfully with his eyes down or facing straight, as if thinking something or just nothing. I wonder what..

8 thoughts on “A Cow and a Boy- My Sunday Picture

  1. Have a suggestion… Why don’t you strike a conversation with the boy and write a blog on his child mind, his thoughts… and give him something to remember.. Maybe u can take a picture of him and give him the hard copy.. After that he’ll definitely look at the houses…

    I kno this sounds weird, but believe me… the inner happiness you get with this… U can’t explain.😉

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