Goodbye September

Goodbye to all the prolonged rainfalls,
Goodbye to all the floods in the plains,
Goodbye to the clouds beautifying the sunset,
Goodbye to strikingly blue skies… “Sayonara September“.

With all the smiles, welcome October- the month of festivals, shorter days and the Autumn in full form! Lots to see, observe and photograph!😀

Here’s mine-🙂

Hope you all have a brilliant and peaceful time ahead. God bless and enjoy.

Story of a Flower – Beautiful and Inspiring

I'm just a bud and can't wait to see the outside!

I'm opening up! But can't see much yet... Are you wondering which color I would grow into?

Wow, this Earth is so beautiful and I'm a part of it. What do you think about me?

I love the blue sky and the clouds too! You are so lucky to see it everyday.

Why are you looking at me so closely? Am I that pretty?😉

I'm enjoying the company of other flowers, they make the world more beautiful. You too must be having friends, right?

It left us for ever and taught us that death is certain for all who have come to this world...

I know I'm not pretty anymore, but I lived a beautiful life and made a difference in the world, and it doesn't matter if it was a small one! You must do the same, it feels good. Goodbye..🙂

Are you sad for me? Here is one poem about me, just for you! Do read it for it will surely cheer you up.🙂

I am a kind word uttered and repeated
By the voice of Nature;
I am a star fallen from the
Blue tent upon the green carpet.
I am the daughter of the elements
With whom Winter conceived;
To whom Spring gave birth; I was
Reared in the lap of Summer and I
Slept in the bed of Autumn.
At dawn I unite with the breeze

To announce the coming of light;
At eventide I join the birds
In bidding the light farewell.
The plains are decorated with

My beautiful colors, and the air
Is scented with my fragrance.
As I embrace Slumber the eyes of

Night watch over me, and as I
Awaken I stare at the sun, which is
The only eye of the day.
I drink dew for wine, and hearken to

The voices of the birds, and dance
To the rhythmic swaying of the grass.
I am the lover’s gift; I am the wedding wreath;

I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.
But I look up high to see only the light,

And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which man must learn.

– [Song of the flower by Khalil Gibran]

To Sun, Farewell.. With love, Clouds

A lovely farewell to the Sun. I was amazed to see the shape of cloud (I hope you notice it too!) and that too facing the side where the sun had just set. I was travelling at that moment and couldn’t help but ask my Dad to stop the car. Incredible “hearty” moment.🙂

This shape dissolved within a few minutes for the wind had already done its work and the sun had happily gone to rise again.🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – (Making) Faces

When friends are with you and it’s total fun time, then you can get as many funny faces you want. Here are some of them with two of my best friends when we were together in college. Those moments were the best and I miss that time a lot..


This one is my favourite :-


A very thirsty Myna

Yesterday evening after the sunset, I found a myna quite busy drinking the rain water left on the ground from a long two-days rain showers. The thing I found most amusing was the way the bird was drinking water, as if wants to swim in that thin layer of water.

But after the myna was satisfied with its thirst, it left with its partner for a walk. I liked the way they started walking around without any care for their wings.🙂