Some Memorable October Evening Skies

October passed way too soon😦 . But anyways, I had a great time this month. Festivals, family, fun-times, lazy-times, few outings, – well I enjoyed everything. Well, no work these days, so I’m (obviously) having best time. Hehehe😀

Sharing some pictures of evening skies past this month. Today evening, it was all dull-gray, a little boring. Hope you enjoy the pictures🙂

I loved the variety of clouds and the colors.

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Hidden Lady Bug

Poor little fellow. It got more and more scared and started running into the grass, as I gradually brought the camera near to it. At one point I literally started asking- Please, stop for a minute, don’t hide too much.

Hehehe. But, it was fun.😉

My another entry for this week’s photo challenge – Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

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Illuminations and Fragrances – Diwali Decorations

I didn’t post anything for last few days and it was for a good reason. It was Diwali yesterday – Festival of lights. For me, it is the time for being together with the family. That’s very important for me. I pray for the same every year. I’m grateful that I was with them this year.🙂

I had fun decorating my home for this festival and most important photographing it, which by the way was the best part. Here are some of the pictures I would like to share.

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Risky Perch – Weekly Photo Challenge – Opportunity

♦ Risky perch in endless Himalayas ♦

I was travelling when I took these pictures. The view was so beautiful that I had to ask my Dad to pull the car over. I went to the roadside and got started with my camera. But here is the twist. Although I was actually interested in just the big picture, I accidentally captured a little creature which I wasn’t aware was in the scene too because of its small size (which by the way is a dragonfly). I didn’t notice it until I checked these pictures on my laptop.

Anyways, what matters now is that I grabbed the opportunity and I got more than what I had planned for. And I had FUN!😉

Want a bigger perspective??

Can you spot the dragonfly in the above picture? I hope you can. If not, watch it in full view. Another option, check the header image.


Opportunities arise unannounced. They don’t ring a bell. They just show up and we need to be ready to take advantage of them.

“Fire” in the Mountains – Sunday Evening

The title of the post has been inspired from a novel. I have included a small passage from the novel to signify the title and the innocence hidden in it. Childhood was full of excitements, and I believe, we should maintain that now as well, right? I mean, why not? Do you like to be old and dull?😉

(For those who have never heard of this book: Heidi is story of a small girl’s power for good and her idyllic existence with her gruff grandfather in the Alps mountains.) Anyways, here’s the little extract I wanted to share –

     Heidi was again sitting on the ground, silently gazing at the blue bell-shaped flowers, as they glistened in the evening sun, for a golden light lay on the grass and flowers, and the rocks above were beginning to shine and glow. All at once she sprang to her feet, “Peter! Peter! everything is on fire! All the rocks are burning, and the great snow mountain and the sky! Oh, look, look! the high rock up there is red with flames! Stand up, Peter! See, the fire has reached the great bird’s nest, look at the rocks! look at the fir trees! everything is on fire!”
“It is always like that,” said Peter composedly, continuing to peel his stick; “but it is not fire.”
“What is it then?” cried Heidi, as she ran backwards and forwards to look first at one side and then at the other, for she felt she could not have enough of such a beautiful sight.
“It gets like that of itself, and it happens everyday,” explained Peter.

Heidi was not satisfied with this one-line explanation but she was excited about the fact that it happens everyday. So later that day, she gave an account of the whole day to her grandfather and particularly described the fire that had burst out everywhere in the evening.
The grandfather explained to her that  it was the sun that did it. “When it says goodnight to the mountains he throws his most beautiful colors over them, so that they may not forget him before he comes again the next day.

Heidi was delighted with this explanation, and could hardly bear to wait for another day to come that she might once more climb up  with the goats and see how the sun bade goodnight to the mountains.

[Reference – “Heidi” by Johanna Spyri
(One of my favorite childhood fictions)]

The Heidi story is about the life in the Alps, but my picture shows Himalayas. Lots of difference I know, but beauty is the same!