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Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti, i.e., 142nd birth anniversary. He is the Father of the Nation, so this day is entirely dedicated to him. Well, he totally deserves it. This day is also the “International Day of Non-Violence”. :)

Everyone I’ve come across in my life knows about him or has heard of him. Of course this is a good thing. In this post, I’m going to share what answers I’ve got when I’ve asked people (people I know) this question – “Do you like Mahatma Gandhi?” And to my surprise, all the answers were not in his favour.

For some he was their idol, some just liked him for his philosophies and thoughts, and some people hated him or wanted to hate him . Why was I surprised when I encountered such negative responses? Well may be because I never came across anything negative against him in my history books at school or the movies I watched which were based on Indian Independence. All I knew was that he played a very important role in our independence.

Well then I grew up and found out that there are many people who have reasons to hate him. I won’t elaborate on those reasons because I myself don’t find them right, or in other words, I just merely want to ignore them for they only inflict negativity. Those reasons were actually stupid and absurd, as if one has a limited mind and knowledge. Either they disliked him because of what they have been told by others or just because it was the surname “Gandhi”, or worse, because of what he did in his personal life. I find these talks insignificant and immature. I mean, where is your own opinion? Personal things don’t even matter now as the physical being doesn’t exist. All which is left are the lessons which are more significant. There is a big positive picture which I don’t know how some people just seem or want to ignore.

I just want to believe in all the good things he has said and written. Simple isn’t it? Learn all the good things you can while you live. Criticize the present so that you can improve your future. You don’t have to follow or idolize a person to learn from him. Just keep the good values and thoughts in your heart and apply them often, and trust me, that is all what matters. Even God wants us to do that.

God in Gandhi’s own words:

God Himself is both the Law and the Law-giver. The question of anyone creating Him, therefore, does not arise, least of all by an insignificant creature such as man. Man can build a dam, but he cannot create a river.  He can manufacture a chair, but it is beyond him to make the wood. He can, however, picture God in his mind in many ways. But how can man who is unable to create even a river or wood create God? That God has created man is, therefore, the pure truth. The contrary is an illusion. However, anyone may, if he likes, say that God is neither the doer nor the cause. Either is predicable of him.
Goodness is God. Goodness conceived as apart from Him is a lifeless thing and exists only whilst it is a paying policy. So are all morals. If they are to live in us, they must be considered and cultivated in their relation to God. We try to become good because we want to reach and realize God. All the dry ethics of the world turn to dust because apart from God they are lifeless. Coming from God, they come with life in them. They become part of us and ennoble us.

In the end, it all comes down to our choices. Choose wisely. Choose to be good.

14 thoughts on “Bapu for me

  1. That was an excellent thing to say, and an excellent tribute to the man and his teachings. Thank you! I had never heard that quote before. Where did you find it?

  2. Well said Nandini. I hold almost an identical opinion on the subject.

    He has done what he wanted to do .. and consequences of his actions will follow for centuries to come.

    We, in our own capacity, can choose to frown over some of his actions we don’t agree with (and that too in present context) or we can learn from his commendable deeds instead. The choice is ours.

    Every man, woman and immortal in the history of India can be criticized on certain points.. Not even the great lord Rama can be spared in this respect :) So lets just agree and dis-agree happily without blinding ourselves so much to either declare a person a saint or a devil. .There are infinite-many combinations in between. As a matter of fact, we ourselves are among them.

    • Very true. And I agree with the example of Lord Rama. Any one in human form will make mistakes, and if one is ready, will then learn from them. I wished some people could just at least think and then respond over such matters. And I’m happy that you share the same opinion. :)

      “रघुपति राघव राजाराम, पतित पावन सीताराम
      सीताराम सीताराम, भज प्यारे तू सीताराम
      ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरो नाम, सब को सन्मति दे भगवान!”

  3. That quote is so thoughtful. It makes you think deep, each and every sentence has a meaning and it makes you wonder how he comes up with these. The only answer is that life teaches us what books don’t.

  4. I like this post a lot, Nandini, especially: “You don’t have to follow or idolize a person to learn from him.” I watched the first half of the movie, Gandhi, just this evening. Have you seen it, and if so, what do you think of it?

    • I watched it for the first time on 2nd October this year, but unfortunately not the entire movie. I was watching it on TV that’s why. I liked it. For me, it was a different kind of movie regarding India’s freedom struggle, since it highlighted mostly Gandhi’s work. They have made it quite very realistic and the good thoughts of Gandhi (which I like) were included and I could see them being implemented. I need to see it fully to admire it more. Also, I like the music composition of the movie. :)
      Why did you watch it just half? I would also like to know your views too.

      And thanks for your comment :)

      • I’ve seen the movie three or four times. Each time, at the end, my ridiculous mind hopes he won’t get shot. I think I’m drawn to the film because it’s about justice, a very important concept for me. I see injustice everywhere I look. But Gandhi did something about it, and helped free millions of people from their state of powerlessness. He used his life well, and what more could you say about someone?

        I watched just the first half because of its length. (Freshly Pressed has me bleary-eyed.) I’ll finish it tonight.

        I’m glad blogging has allowed us to meet.

        • Oh you’ve seen it, see, you are ahead of me. Nice!
          He got shot right in middle of thousands of people- that was injustice too. I mean I always ask- why? But I guess that’s how life works. You do your work you were meant to do and the results are not in your hand, whether they come out to be good or bad. But I always believe good deeds never reap bad results. But it would have been great if he could be a part of independent India. He did, actually did, something about the injustice, rather than just saying. That’s important too. Today’s world is full of political leaders who just say. But Gandhi did. Really, how much more can you not learn from just his life? It itself is an example.

          I read a few of other posts of yours. The basic pattern (by that i mean the use of graphics) is great and I liked it very much.

          I’m glad too. :)

  5. a pleasant experience to find a sheet of prose in a mine of poetic photography ….
    good one ..keep it up

    now coming to gandhi …or anyone for that matter ….has his own goods and bad …n its the emotional, intelligence and spiritual quotient of a person which decides what influences him more …there are lot many reasons to like him for …and there are equally good enough reasons to dislike him for ….
    and if u read the articles by nathuram godse ..who surely knew more and better reasons to dislike him …you would definitely agree that it wasn’t that a drastic step to shoot him.

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