Hidden Lady Bug

Poor little fellow. It got more and more scared and started running into the grass, as I gradually brought the camera near to it. At one point I literally started asking- Please, stop for a minute, don’t hide too much.

Hehehe. But, it was fun.😉

My another entry for this week’s photo challenge – Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

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37 thoughts on “Hidden Lady Bug

    • Yes that poor bug was scared. It flew away so fast as soon as it came out on the surface. I guess freedom is what we all aspire for.

      Thank you Jo for your lovely comment.🙂

    • Yes they do. I spent more than 15 minutes to take a few shots. Will share the non-hidden ones soon. So do check out😉

      Thanks Gracie🙂

    • “Nandini”, You must be in a great hurry since you typed the wrong name. But thank God I knew that name, else I would have confused it with some word and would have searched it all over for its meaning.😉

      Thanks for the like and comment Katie🙂

  1. When I was child, there were a lot of ladybugs around, but today, I think since the ecosystem already – you know what I mean – … they’ve become a rare sight😦.

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