31.12.2011 – Moon and Venus

~ A pretty twilight moment ~

A cold winter evening. 2011 is almost over here now. In some parts of the world, the celebrations have already begun, and in some places, the 31st morning is just beginning.

Happy New Year!

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. [Ralph Waldo Emerson]

Good wishes to you all. 


The Light and the Shadows

“An optimist is a person who sees only the lights in the picture, whereas a pessimist sees only the shadows. An idealist, however, is one who sees the light and the shadows, but in addition sees something else: the possibility of changing the picture, of making the lights prevail over the shadows.”
~ Felix Adler


Whenever there will be light, shadows will certainly follow. Neither can go while the other stays. Accept that. Understand that. I wish that your new year is full of light and may you have the strength (and love) to deal with the shadows. [I too heartily accepted this …just… while writing this post..!]


Good wishes to you.🙂

A Bird on the Fence – Silhouette

I got a perfect silhouette as this bird sat on the fence with the background bright with the sunlight. Interestingly, it didn’t get scared by me getting closer to it.🙂

This bird is known as Common Myna :)


A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb


That’s Our Home!

Blue? Check.

Green? Check.

Clouds? Check.

That’s Earth! Isn’t it still wonderful, after all these billion years?! 

Cheers to “Our” home! 😀

Ever wondered – there are no man-made distinctions as seen from up above?
All is same and pretty.🙂

So, cheers again and Happy Holidays.🙂

Revision (23.01.2012): I wanted to add this quote I found on Savira’s website which she had shared via a picture. It just reflected my thoughts on this post, so here it is –

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.


[P.S. That’s my sister in the photo above]

A Beautiful Christmas Morning

. . . Merry Christmas . . .


Just looking at sky, beautiful shapes forming and dissolving into the blue again, and it is happening again and again, mesmerizing me, making me wonder… making me fall in love with the nature all over again. What else could I have asked for? I mean, I found love in its purest form… I’m grateful.🙂

Hope this Christmas, you gave and received love, even if was little.


“Between” the Leaves – Weekly Photo Challenge

Today morning while I was soaking the freshness outside (it was a beautiful day today except the fierce cold winds), my eyes got stuck at this plant and the instant thought which came to my mind was – between. I mean, between of this week’s photo challenge. And my mind started visualizing all the possible compositions I could get. Well, all that happened within a minute.😉

So here are some of them –

Another way to look at it – 

One more😉  –

Hope you too had a beautiful day today.

Wish you very happy holidays.🙂

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Receiving the ‘Blogging Awards’ – Thank you. :)

It feels great to write this one. With smiles.🙂

When I got the fifth blogging award yesterday, I felt that I really have to write the acknowledgment and appreciation post. So here it is…🙂

I have been given “The Versatile Blogger” Award by –

1. Warrior Poet Wisdom (His blog here)
2. Nia (Her blog here – Niasunset)
3. Saarimner (His blog here)
4. Gracie Sam (Her blog here)

I want to heartily thank you all for chosing me for this award. It really feels great to be a part of your blogosphere. It’s always great to visit and look into your amazing world!🙂


And yesterday, Kate Kresse gave me “The Candle Lighter Award”.

It felt so good. I had  posted a related post (I’m never lonely) yesterday, and getting the same award was so precious. You can check her blog here. She is a great writer with words full of hope and love. Inspiring.🙂

I want to give this award to her too, if I may, because she deserves it.🙂

Now I shall write more about the awards.🙂

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

Random things about me:

  1. I love photography, music and reading. I can live doing that my whole life.
  2. Sometimes, I watch movies, but only selective since they take your good 2-3 hours.
  3. I totally believe in goodness. That’s religion for me. I’m working on it every moment. 
  4. My crazy dream – To be a travel photographer with my own open-jeep and go places I haven’t even imagined. Although, travelling doesn’t suit me that well in my non-dream world esp., in hilly areas.
  5. There is no single day when I don’t question and appreciate the wonders of this Universe. Human mind is like a “universe” in itself!🙂
  6. My interest in reading began with the book – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood-Prince and after that I have read around 65 books! Thanks to J. K. Rowling and her lovely & impressive work.
  7. I want to do/contribute to this humanity with my work (Biomedical Engineering) – still figuring out… “How”.🙂

This is a really hard thing to do since I am following many great wonderful blogs, but here are my 15 nominations (I’m sure they are going to be more than 15):

1. God is there – http://godisthere.wordpress.com/
One of the first blogs I started following. Kamal has always inspired me, and always will. (This blog has been in hibernation mode since May 2011, but still has a number of great posts.)

2. Katie’s Camera Blog – http://katiescamerablog.wordpress.com/
Katie is a dear friend and one of my favorite photographers. Her work is inspirational, nice & best, great & unusual, and sometimes naughty. She posts daily, and sometimes, we happen to share a lot many ideas. I love that. And I make sure not to miss any post.🙂

3. Photography of Nia – http://photographyofnia.com/
Her work is positive and her photographs cheerful and creative. She loves mountains, esp., Himalayas. She always intends to spread smiles and happiness. I love to receive her love through her comments. She is truly a sweetheart!🙂

4. My thoughts, pics and personal opinions – http://saarimner.com/about/
A blog about a lot many things. I really appreciate many of his ideas and like his photography. Hidden wisdom in there.🙂

5. Warrior Poet Wisdom http://warriorpoetwisdom.com/
The most inspirational poems I have ever read. They touch me, motivate me. I can feel them, as they reflect my thoughts too. Thanks, Miro.🙂

6. Gracie Sam – http://graciesam.wordpress.com/
Her blog – Simple, beautiful and different every time. I especially like the quotes she share, and the fun stuff she shares.😉

7. Pix & Kardz – http://kardzbykris.wordpress.com/
Chris shares her joys, adventures, and her love for photography. Her photos are simple and fabulous, and she shares fantastic photo collages which accompany her words. We share a similar outlook to the simple moments of life.🙂

8. Mufidah Kassalias – http://mufidahkassalias.wordpress.com/
She is surrounded by beautiful things, and she captures them so brilliantly. You can find beautiful nature, creative art, architectural beauties in her photos. Her words accompanying her photos fill life in them.🙂

9. Let’s Just Talk – http://atimerncans.blogspot.com/
Raman is a friend of mine and I have been following his writing for more than a year. He writes about several topics which he wants to talk about. You can find discussions on books, TV Series, fascinating science, and technology, or if I may say, anything! He writes creatively and improves with every post and enjoys doing that. All the best, friend!

10. 50 Year Project – http://50yearproject.wordpress.com/
T.B.M and I share similar interests. And his 50 year project inspires me. I’m simply following him through his journey on books, movies and travels. Great posts, full of positiveness and adventures.

11. Moments Clicked – http://momentsclicked.wordpress.com/
She is one of closest friend, and it feels really good to see her on WordPress sharing her photos and creativity. Way to go Tom, Jerry is following you.😛🙂

12. The Lantern Room – http://thelanternroom.wordpress.com/
I simply love her photography. It’s simple and natural. She captures nature in its best. As she has said – “Enlightenment Through Photography”. Keep enlightening me as well!🙂

13. Shell River Experience – http://shellriver.wordpress.com
She loves nature, just like me. And knows how to capture it perfectly. Her photos surprise me and take me into her experiences in the woods.🙂

14. Victoria’s Photography – http://victoriaaphotography.wordpress.com/
Be it – birds, flowers, leaves, trees, animals, architectural wonders, she has amazing photographs of each of them on her blog. Just Awesome.🙂

15. Texas Tweeties by Bob Zeller – http://bobzeller.wordpress.com/
My Mom loves birds, and so do I. Bob’s blog is surely a gift to me. I always share his bird captures with my mom. His bird photos are just wonderful, and there are so many of them. Thank you Mr. Bob – you inspire me!🙂

16. I have exceeded my 15 limit list, so here are some of my other favorite photo blogs which I visit daily, if I can. They are truly inspirational and amazing:

There are two more blogs which I would like to mention, I really like their work and interesting stuff. Also, I would like to thank them for following my work and appreciating it.🙂


I still have a feeling that I’ve missed so many blogs.


I’m thankful to all for appreciating my blog and leaving me comments. It surely motivates me. Stay tuned!🙂

I am Never Lonely

This post is about “friend(s)”, who can be someone else or at rare times ~ just you.🙂
I haven’t discussed much here, but just through my photography. Hope you get it…🙂

. . . So if you find yourself surrounded
By a darkened ring
Seek out positive people
Because their light will bring

The hope and energy you need
To make your circle glow
It all begins with a smile
A handshake and “Hello” . . .
– Miro
[Read the rest of the poem here]

🙂 Be Happy always, knowing that someone is always there🙂

Threadlike Green Plant

These shots are among my favorites in my macro photographs. These Fennel Seed plants have just started to grow at my home. They are very very small and delicate at this stage. Surely, it was fun to capture them (I am in love with macro!🙂 ). But the difficult thing here was to focus, since they are so thin (as I said, threadlike) that even my breath little movements were setting them in motion. But somehow I got what I wanted. Hope you like them. Enjoy!🙂

  Half in sunlight, Half in shade –

A little more closer –
“Green web-like network”

I’m waiting for them to grow, as they are likely to grow tiny flowers on them, which I would so like to capture. Let’s see when that happens!

If you are wondering what “Fennel Seed Plant” is, click here.

Green is good! It’s our Earth’s essence. 🙂