Waiting for the Green Signal

Waiting at the traffic lights,
sitting on a rickshaw with a friend,
observing the heritage of Patiala (which by the way can be seen everywhere in this city),
and, enjoying the warmth of the sun along with the fresh/polluted air.
Typical Indian feeling – great and wonderful.

I always enjoy rickshaw rides. It’s difficult when it’s raining, but that’s fun too!🙂

Date of Photography: 14th November, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

63 thoughts on “Waiting for the Green Signal

    • Glad you liked it Rob, thank you. It was a quite a good day as I was with a friend whom I met after two years. So it was good to explore her city with her.

      You must visit, I can say.🙂

    • It truly was exciting. Even I didn’t know where I was headed to, so it was quite an adventure.🙂

      Waiting is the theme for this week, so I guess yeah, you’ll have to wait…😀

      Thank you for the nice comment.🙂

    • Thank you Aditi. So nice to hear from a person who has experienced rickshaw. Thanks for the comment and the follow-up on my blog, really appreciate it.🙂

  1. thanks for sharing this, Nandini.
    the b&w adds to the mood.
    i can only imagine traffic in India. Have heard much about it and seen photos of it…. so many different people, vehicles and animals share the road and there seem to fewer accidents than in North America. i think it would fit the category “wonder”, too🙂

    • Hi Chris! Long time?

      Yes traffic is everywhere in India. True! But not where I live, thank God. India is a wonder in every sense.🙂

      Thank you🙂

  2. NIce one! great how you captured the speedy motorbike in the intersection. Hey, and thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comments. It’s much appreciated. Your photographs inspire me.

    • I just removed the colors from this picture but didn’t make it totally B&W. Thanks for liking it. I will try out your suggestion. I really appreciate your comment.🙂

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