Coal Dust – Monday Madness

It’s fun to be a little mad sometimes. Or may be silly. My friend Katie (Saturday Silliness) would agree with me as would many of you, I hope.🙂

I found a little coal, so I started having fun with it – making silly impressions, throwing its dust here and there. It was fun, though my hands went all black.😉

A coal dust thumb print –

A little on the leaves –

This ant was resting here, I guess it liked the coal particles. They would make more sense (size-wise) to her, I suppose.  ;)

[Note: The only image enhancements done are on contrast & saturation]

I believe being silly/mad is not a bad idea. We all must bring that side of ours sometimes. Life must not be always serious. Be sincere, instead.🙂

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” [Robin Williams]

Have a nice and silly day!