Coal Dust – Monday Madness

It’s fun to be a little mad sometimes. Or may be silly. My friend Katie (Saturday Silliness) would agree with me as would many of you, I hope.🙂

I found a little coal, so I started having fun with it – making silly impressions, throwing its dust here and there. It was fun, though my hands went all black.😉

A coal dust thumb print –

A little on the leaves –

This ant was resting here, I guess it liked the coal particles. They would make more sense (size-wise) to her, I suppose.  ;)

[Note: The only image enhancements done are on contrast & saturation]

I believe being silly/mad is not a bad idea. We all must bring that side of ours sometimes. Life must not be always serious. Be sincere, instead.🙂

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” [Robin Williams]

Have a nice and silly day!


48 thoughts on “Coal Dust – Monday Madness

  1. Nicely done ! The first one reminds me of work done by the early photographers. Your choice of onal greys in all the shots creates an intriguing mood, especially with the lead in shot.

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