. . . Only Listening . . .

I was feeling very lonely (by PAULO COELHO) [Link here]

I was feeling very lonely when I left Mass in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral right in the heart of New York.

Suddenly I was approached by a Brazilian:

“I very much need to talk to you,” he said.

I was so enthused by this meeting that I began to talk about everything that was important to me. I spoke of magic, God’s blessings, love. He listened to everything in silence, thanked me and went away.

Instead of feeling happy, I felt lonelier than before. Later on I realized that in my enthusiasm I had not paid any attention to what that Brazilian wanted.

Talk to me.

I tossed my words to the wind, because that was not what the Universe was wanting at that moment: I would have been much more useful if I had listened to what he had to say.


It’s always good to share, right! :D

Goodbye for today.

36 thoughts on “. . . Only Listening . . .

  1. Love this story you’ve shared (& your lovely photos). Your story makes an excellent point and I have to admit that sometimes in my life, I have been guilty of not listening (when someone wants to share their thoughts with me).

    I particularly like the top image in this post. The tree looks so lonely (yet strong and resilient).

  2. What you share is always so nice dear Nandini… I can see Paulo Coelho being impressive in your creative and thinking world too… Once again I am impressed and inspired by this story… Listening is the most important part of to understand…. Your photographs hit too, in this late afternoon leaving me such a nice thoughts… By the way when I entered this page there was another photograph, a lady but we can see her behind and she looks at the waves… Black and white… and her dress’ fabric is like a flower pattern…. It was so beautiful too, dear Nandini I loved it. Thank you, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

    • Well, I’m really happy that you like my posts so much, that makes me feel good always.

      I’m glad you liked the header image, that’s me.🙂

      Thanks Nia. Have a nice time.

  3. Learning to listen is the most important lessons one can learn in life, it bring fulfillment of many needs. One important lesson I learned late in life but i am standing by it’s efficiency.
    Great post as usual, the photos are magnificent.

  4. I have noticed that in our educational systems starting from preschool to doctor’s degrees, student are being taught and are even expected to master the 3 forms of communication: reading, writing, and speaking. Yet listening—which perhaps is the most important of all—is being neglected.

    Well, I too am guilty of it sometimes.
    Thanks for your strong reminder!

    • That’s true. I have met several people who just talk and talk and get up when their turn comes to listen. Very rare people know how to listen, and they are the ones who have great values too, because they had, someday and many times, listened.🙂

      Thank for your kind words.

  5. poignant – and wise.
    i think a good conversation requires two people with the ability to listen. that way, when one of them has something to share, it does not get lost.
    your photos are great, too. the first one looks like a stylized heart growing on a trunk🙂
    thank you for sharing/

    • Very true, Chris. A conversation is not supposed to be just one ended.🙂

      Oh yeah, a heart, I just noticed that! Thanks Chris, for seeing so much in my post.🙂

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