Threadlike Green Plant

These shots are among my favorites in my macro photographs. These Fennel Seed plants have just started to grow at my home. They are very very small and delicate at this stage. Surely, it was fun to capture them (I am in love with macro!🙂 ). But the difficult thing here was to focus, since they are so thin (as I said, threadlike) that even my breath little movements were setting them in motion. But somehow I got what I wanted. Hope you like them. Enjoy!🙂

  Half in sunlight, Half in shade –

A little more closer –
“Green web-like network”

I’m waiting for them to grow, as they are likely to grow tiny flowers on them, which I would so like to capture. Let’s see when that happens!

If you are wondering what “Fennel Seed Plant” is, click here.

Green is good! It’s our Earth’s essence. 🙂