First Snow of the Season

It’s chilling cold.
It’s raining and it’s all wet.
It’s grey and dull all around.
It’s snowing high in the mountains,
but not here, where I live.
I can choose to be sad since it’s just rain,
but instead I say,
It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


I’m praying for more snow.🙂


Enjoy the weather, and stay warm!🙂


37 thoughts on “First Snow of the Season

    • Oh, that’s very sweet and lovely, Victoria. I really really hope that one day you may visit here.🙂 Till then, I will keep posting more images so that you can fill them in your eyes.🙂 Take care🙂

  1. What a beautiful poetical touches… and amazing photograph. The top of the mountain seems amazing dear Nandini, with snow…. You know, always how makes me excited your beautiful photographs… Thank you, Have a nice day and weekend, with my love, nia

  2. Wonderful mood & combination of words and images. What would be typical winter weather in your part of the world ? Our winter weather in Ontario Canada is becoming more erratic.

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      About the winter weather, I would like to say the same. Today, we received quite heavy snowfall, something rare to happen at this altitude. But then again, it is surprising. No idea what will happen tomorrow.🙂

    • Hi Chris.🙂

      Yes, far away mountains do get snow. It sometimes reaches here, but rarely. It did today, though, highly surprising.😀

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