‘Hypnotizing’ – Macro Monday

“Happiness is largely a matter of self-hypnotism. You can think yourself happy or you can think yourself miserable.”  ~ Dorothy Dix 

I just want to see it…see it… over and over again. And, I don’t seem to get tired.😉

Have a colorful week ahead!🙂


Which flower is it? Chrysanthemums, often called mums or chrysanths or Guldaudi in Hindi. 

87 thoughts on “‘Hypnotizing’ – Macro Monday

  1. Wonderful and impressive words… and yes, I thought as you too dear Nandini, to see it over and over again… The colours are amazing and fascinating… It is an art feeding our soul… Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable week, with my love, nia

  2. You are right, happiness is a matter of choice. Life will give us problems, even grief but in the end it’s our decision to be happy that will determine if we’ll wake up with a smile each day. Beautiful and inspiring. Happiness is possible for all…we just need to breathe it.

    • That’s what fascinated me in this flower.🙂

      This flower is known as Chrysanthemums, often called mums or chrysanths or Guldaudi in Hindi.

    • That’s is so great. A right choice, I would say. Wish you even more. Thanks, Elvirah!🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog too!🙂

    • I had captured the full flower first, and then I cropped it, for just one reason: I liked the central part too too much🙂 You can see the original image in the page header.🙂

      I don’t know if I have answered to your question in a right way.🙂

      Thanks, Rosie.🙂

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