85 thoughts on “A Wind Chime Tree

  1. Dear Nandini, I fall in love with this tree…. I can imagine, should be amazing in the wind! I have never seen something like that, before. Where is this, where is it standing? Thank you, this was amazing photograph, I think at the top there is detail of this tree… There are some ornaments, like bird, stars, etc. Aren’t there? With my love, nia

    • It’s in a park nearby and standing on the ground.🙂 All the wind-chimes have something hanging, stars, birds..🙂

      Thanks, Nia. Glad you liked this.

  2. Awesome photos of beautiful art! Would love to hear the music of the mountain winds someday, but the music of your words will suffice for now.

  3. unique photo and tree. I love the sound of wind chimes, must be an amazing experience to listen to this tree.

    Have a great day!

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