77 thoughts on “Portrait of a Leaf – “I’m Stuck!”

  1. Hey Nandini, both of these images are great. So vivid and rich in detail. I like the first one a little more. Mostly because of it being framed with more of the fence. Both the fence, background and leaf are interesting. Bravo.

  2. As soon as I saw the first image, I loved it. Great capture.

    (the second image is a great capture of the leaf details too, but it make me feel a wee bit dizzy looking at the fence wire at that angle. But that’s just me….. who gets a bit of vertigo easily)

    • Thank you, Victoria.🙂 Yes, the second image does have that kinda feel to it, as if you are sliding down and down.😀

  3. For me it is not a matter of better, but a matter of my own taste preferences in the seconds that I take a look. I like the first. I am missing the Tree Place and the dream of it is behind the leaf.

    • Thank you, Elisa for your wonderful words.🙂 Sometimes all it takes is one look and the photo is already taken.🙂

  4. A beautiful study! I like the second one a little more than the first. It grabbed my attention and held on to it… the detail on the leaf is more visible. The angle of the fence is a little disconcerting, but you can always crop out more of the fence. As for which image is better… I have no idea. IMHO, they’re both great captures!

  5. For me the second one, dear Nandini. This is wonderful photograph… you are amazing that you noticed it and took its pictures… I love your eye of camera…Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Craziness is good.😀 I don’t remember whether I unstuck it or not. But anyways, it was giving us a great show, or at least to my camera.😀

      Thank you, Pix!🙂

  6. I have been away for a while, but in the back of my head, you and your beautiful world as you portray it (the words of the songs you translated made a deep impact) always linger in the back of my head. Thank you for that.
    Perfect love

    • Oh that’s something wonderful to know, really! Thank you. You are very nice and kind. It’s great to hear from you!🙂

  7. we all come across that phase of getting stuck at one point or other🙂
    I prefer the second one , as it has more prominence on the subject and the background is little less distracting !

    • Yes we do, don’t we?🙂

      Second one has its own grace. Thank you, Sathya, for coming over and leaving me a comment!🙂

    • Oh they are great thoughts. I like the way you linked the background to the leaf’s experiences. Nice! Thank you so much,🙂

  8. Excellent compositions. I agree with Walter’s assessment. Particularly like rich colour and the framing of the fence wire.🙂

  9. Aray wah ! Kya kamal kartey hai aap Nandini sahiba?!! It is simply stunning. Loved it !!
    Long live Nandini !!

    • Kya kahein.. bas aapki duaaon ka asar hai ji!😀 Bahut bahut shukriya aapke behtareeen shabdon ke liye, Shaheen. Dil khush ho gaya!🙂

      Aapko bhi shabba-khair!🙂

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