My First Two Instagram Photos

Hi! :)

Posting after such a long time, apologies! I want to but I’m not able to. :(

Here are my two Instagram photos. Just a random experiment, to try something new. Hehehe. Enjoy!

. . . Bare . . . 

. . . Sunset Rays and the Pink . . .

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
~Pablo Picasso


43 thoughts on “My First Two Instagram Photos

    • That’s really good to know, feels good. Thank you so much, Bob. Truly really appreciate your comments! :)

      And I missed visiting/commenting on your birdies.. :(

    • Even me, rarely. But yeah sure. It would be great to connect there as well! thanks for the thought, Pablo! :)

  1. These naked branches are saying something as arms of a body… Thank you dear Nandini, I just miss you… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Instagram is a fast photo sharing program with some very cool photo editing filters. :)

      Thanks for the likes. :)

  2. so far i have not tried instagram. i don’t have an iPhone so i guess i won’t be trying it for some time to come :)
    thanks for sharing these beautiful clicks. you have been missed here at wordpress. trust you are keeping well. always nice to see your creative posts!

    • It’s always good to know that Chris. Thank you so much. I too missed reading great posts…I haven’t visited your blog too. I will now surely. :)

      Thank you for your love and care!

  3. oey Nan, yeh “instagram” hai kya cheez??!! lol. But…whatever name you give the pics (instagram, slowgram, jo bhee), I just love your photos!! Tumhari har tasveer I relish and love!
    Dilshaad rahain, Cheers.

    • Instagram is a fast photo sharing program with some very cool photo editing filters. :)

      Thank you for your cheerful and motivating comment. Always love hearing from you, Shaheen. Bahut-2 shukriya! :)

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