Brutal Nature – “Ooh that hurts!”

Oh wait, brutal and nature don’t go together, right?

Oh, well… let me show you how the story sometimes go differently.

Close up – Oh the piercing!


Now, the culprit in B&W. You definitely don’t want to hold it in your hands.

“Nature is not cruel, pitilessly, indifferent. This is one of the hardest lessons for humans to learn. We cannot admit that things might be neither good nor evil, neither cruel nor kind, but simply callous — indifferent to all suffering, lacking all purpose.”

— Richard Dawkins

56 thoughts on “Brutal Nature – “Ooh that hurts!”

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Bob.🙂 Getting this compliment from a real photographer is an honor for me, REALLY! I feel so uplifted.🙂

  1. Lovely post, Nandini. I love the Dawkins quote. And the images made me think of something a dear friend used to always say, “scars make better stories than tattoos.” True in nature too, I believe.

    • That is a great quotation, Linda. Thanks for sharing it along with your beautiful words.🙂 I really liked to hear from you!

  2. Profound,,,,
    and that sure does hurt..😮
    but great insights and awesome clicks,,
    people see such things often but very few and very seldom think the right things and learn the right lessons ..p

  3. Photo graphs are simply superb….. coming to the caption “BRUTAL NATURE” seems to confuse me quite a bit …..coz right from our childhood we have been made accustomed to the fact that anything which doesnt comfort us is unpleasant ugly and must be avoided …however while coming to the big picture like that of a nature somehow the thought that i love frangrances, or light or beauty or completeness is only because we know that how it is to be in stink or scary darkness or incompleteness….makes me feel that if there were no darkness or thorns or many other so called “hurting” or “negative” things we wouldnt have had joy in anything …and that being said somehow am inclined to think that the “imperfect” nature of anything including nature itself is its actual perfection …. anything perfect is lifeless
    Its just like a potter making a pot …till he gives it the shape the pot is living …as soon as its “perfect” or completed as desired … its dead …
    Now am myself confused after writing all this stuff
    am not sure if i conveyed wht i wanted to ….
    BTW what’s your camera model ..???😛

    • I think you almost did convey what you wanted to. And I got your point.🙂

      For the photos in this post, the camera is my Xperia S.

      I couldn’t help but notice the Canon camera your team had with you. Well, a DSLR is on my wish list! Someday…some very good day…

      • This wordpress seems to be pressing my life..I posted above post .later i saw there was nothing over here..posted again below …it said something like “awaiting moderator approval”.after few hours i checked again.and post wasnt there ….i felt like “what the eff” …n now checking my mail i found notifications showering .
        and .u knw wht seeing ur pics none can say tht they r nt frm SLR

        • Once you logout from your WP (WordPress) account, you can’t see the comments you have made on a post until they are approved by the blogger (moderator). But if you are logged in, you can see it along with the line: “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.🙂

          But since I have moderated your comment once, my blog-settings allow you to comment from now on.

          And your last line, I would take it as a compliment. Thank you. I sometimes wonder how well I’ll do once a DSLR is in my hands..🙂

  4. Awesome Shots…..But that caption “Brutal nature” confused me a bit … Right from our childhood our mind is trained to understand that everything that makes u uncomfortable is negative, bad , ugly and must be avoided…. and when i say i enjoy fragrances, light, warmth etc its only because i have experienced the stink, scary darkness and shivering cold……And when thinking about something as big as nature….it makes me feel that its both good and bad or positive and negative which are precious…(in fact sometimes i found, the so called negative things are much more worth experiencing)…..
    The “imperfection” of nature or world or anything for that matter is the whole and sole reason for it being alive ….Something like a potter shaping up the clay…..rectifying the imperfections of shape in that lump of clay… long as its imperfect its being shaped its being living …as soon as it becomes perfect in shape as desired ……its dead lifeless …..

    Jokes Apart….i recently met someone with same name as yours (faculty at an engg collg), am not sure if you are the same …..

    BTW which model of camera is it … ??

  5. Excellent photography and post. Dawkins makes the same mistake he criticizes. He points out we put an emotional context/ anthropomorphize Nature/Universe then uses his own emotional words to describe the relationship. He forgets we are part of Nature. He assumes Nature is without sentience because it is not human sentience. Your visuals demonstrate Nature’s balance/equilibrium. Nature’s purpose is life – expand, grow. This is also demonstrated in your post.

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