Hot Springs – Manikaran Part-II

This post is last in the series of my Kullu-Manikaran trip posts. Click here and here to see those previous two posts.

Hot springs are produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust and Manikaran has one of India’s most famous (both geologically as well as religiously) hot springs. As the hot (boiling) water falls into the chilling cold water of the river (Parbati river), clouds of steam are thrown up. It was absolutely wonderful to experience it.🙂

A small rainbow at the bottom of the picture..DSC_3393-001

Clearing up…DSC_3389-001 Almost gone…DSC_3394-001

At some places, the locals use this geothermal heat for cooking purposes. See that bag dipped in the water? This one has rice in it. Cool ,right! DSC_3386-001

Inside one of the temples, I saw Nagada drums (“traditional kettle drums”). DSC_3375-001

More pictures from the trip are in the gallery below. Enjoy!

This Year- Coke Studio. Lovin’ it.

You eagerly wait for something and then it finally arrives. Full-on excitement because you do not know what’s there in it this time. Everything new and lots to explore. I was waiting for Coke Studio season four since last year when the season three got over. I have earlier shared several of my favorite Coke Studio songs. I just love everything it provides, the great depths of music, poetry, culture, languages. Let’s see what it holds for us this year. Episode 2 will be aired today.

Here is the link for the pool of soulful music: Season Four

Also, there is something else I was hoping or rather wishing for. An India chapter of Coke Studio. Continue reading