For Me, Once, Earth was Like This

When I was a kid (may be just 4-5-6 years old, don’t remember clearly) and I used to look up at the sky for an airplane, the first image along with a question which used to pop into my head was this – How is this airplane (in Hindi: हवाई जहाज) gonna go up and tear up this envelope around us which keeps the air inside? Of course I was too small then to stress more on it or even better clear this doubt with someone. [Aah, who cares, let’s play now!] I wasn’t a question-type kid that time I think. Seriously, I don’t know why I still remember this image and the question which used to crop up in my mind. I mean I still have that picture in my head!

But now I just laugh about it. Obviously I must have had got my questions answered some time after that. My parents must have had a good laugh then; don’t remember the asking part also.

This sketch I just drew which would help to clear your question too (What’s she talking about?) :

Yeah, that was me imagining😀

Honestly, I had that picture for quite a while I guess. Thank God, I didn’t hold to it that long. Hehehe…😀

Also, I used to get confused when observing some river (only which had lots of big stones obstructing its way). Well the confusion: Which way is it flowing? [That way…no wait…this way…No… Oh. Dad!!!] Stupid right.🙂

P.S. One of the things which fascinates me most now? The Universe!